BORACAY: getting there via ilo-ilo

October 16, 2010

Php 899 Promo Fare for Cebu-Ilo-ilo from Cebu Pacific was perfect! We couldn’t find a Caticlan flight so we opted for the closest. I’ve never been to Ilo-ilo so it was also a good thing.
We were 30 minutes earlier than ETA. By 8:30 we were already in ilo-ilo. The airport was amazing. It was clean and organized. We heard there were also passengers on their way to Bacolod for the Maskara festival. We were wondering for a while what if we take a side trip to Bacolod for the festival since we have 6 days, but I guess I’m more of a beach bum then a festival party-goer so I strongly suggested to stick to the plan. BORACAY!
Across the airport’s exit is the terminal for the V-hire. We took a V-hire to Jaro for 50php and had our breakfast in Jollibee. A walking distance from Jollibee Ilo-ilo we waited for Jaro Liko Tagbak jeepney route (take note Tagbak and not NFA) which would take us to the terminal where we can ride the V-Hire to Caticlan. We searched the departure area for the Vhire terminal for Caticlan. Ilo-ilo to Caticlan is 300php. After about 30minutes, we started our 4hour trip to Caticlan. It was 12noon when we left Ilo-ilo. We got to Kalibu around 2:30pm and since we were the only passenger, we were asked to move to a smaller van going to Caticlan. By 4pm, We were already in Caticlan. It was nostalgic. My Second time in Caticlan!

I love the cleanliness of Caticlan’s port what I don’t like is the fact that their Terminal fee of 50php and Environmental fee of 75php is much more expensive than the fare going to Boracay for 25php. I was not convinced that it was ample for its use. I was on the same port 5 months ago but there was not much difference. I guess I better wish more luck next time I’m back.

The trip from Caticlan to Boracay is only about 15-20 minutes. One of the shortest boat ride I’ve tried. Going to our hotel, we took the multicab since the tricycle can only drop us at the gate. The road to Alta Vista was kinda steep. The multicab cost us 450php but if we opted for the tricycle, we would have paid 50-60php. Boracay Port to D Talipapa or D mall is around 40-50php.
Alta Vista was just perfect. I wanted a vacation hotel and indeed I GOT A VACATION HOTEL! Looking at the infinity pool was like looking forward for a worthwhile 5days stay. Ther was also a golf course in view, mountain view (all green and i love it!) and a view of the sea. We got the Loft accomodation which was perfect for all 7 of us. Alta Vista is 15minutes away from the white beach but a shuttle every hour is available going to D’ mall so the distance was fine.
All in all it almost took one whole day to reach this paradise but with friends and family, the ride was all worth it.


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