Pandora’s BOX

everything is cool with me.
I don’t settle for all the negativities but I do acknowledge them my life has its own way of coping up and wallowing into whatever isn’t there or whatever i don’t have is just a waste of time.

Recently, I’m slowly having my life back. No distractions, no one telling me what looks good and what doesn’t, nobody there to feed me with negativities about life, school and everyone else. Life is simple. My life is simple. I live mine, you live yours and we’ll live harmoniously.

I don’t have time either to wallow in guilt, looking back on things I did and didn’t. There wasn’t much to be guilty about. I don’t believe in karma and even if karma is on her way to get me, she’ll have to do a better job at it. I dodge bullets. I dodge karma. Speaking of bullets, YES, i’d catch a bullet for you. I did catch a bullet for you. I’d to rewind that part. I seem to confuse myself with that too. Bullets, grenades, karma. Come and get me if you can.

I don’t want to sound bitter nor sound outright. Just wanted to pour some thoughts into this reverie. Perhaps, it’ll help me with the “nothing” i chose from all or nothing. Yes. I deserve all. not less. Regrets, they come and go and sometimes I just ignore them. I did what I have to do. I wasted my time and wasted someone else’s too. I lost a year and a half. I love to get that back.

I figured out something simple today. It’s just too much if I say it here.

So on the more brighter side, It’s almost finals. YEY. not!

And no, I am not currently seeing anyone.


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