SHANGHAI: strolling Nanjing Road all by myself

shopping, WALKING and WALKING, contemplating in Nanjing Road

This blog is probably two years late, but whatever Nanjing Road gave me is still worthy to be told. Our hotel (which by the way I totally forgot the name–i think it’s ramada plaza or radisson) is at the east end of Nanjing Road. It’s just a walking distance to the trolley’s loading/unloading area and it’s one block away from People’s Square.

i forgot the name of our hotel. SAREEEE

We came home late from Xin Tian Di the first day so I started walking around Nanjing early the next day. I was too excited to even notice it was 16-18° C cold. I got curious with Nanjing Road’s distance that I took the trolley first. I thought it was for free but they asked 2 CNY from us so I just kept the ignorance to myself. The sign was in english and I can’t believe I failed to notice!

all by myself ^____^

The Pedestrian street is about 3.7 KM. I enjoyed my trolley ride and hesitated to walk back. I found Mango and Zara right after I got off the trolley and felt that I was in heaven! On my hike back to the east side, I came across several branded stores and not so branded stores. I think the West Side got the more expensive ones than the East side. After passing Century Square, there were already a lot of Shops or Malls. They seem to be connected with each other. I was only amazed with their Watsons which really got cheaper beauty products, bags, scrubs than the Watsons here in cebu. Reaching the East side, just behind our hotel was an array of food stalls. I tried their street food and realized that was all I got for lunch. I bought enough strawberries and “kiamoy” to last me a day. The food was cheap but the Coke from McDo tastes different.

Nanjing Road looks better at night. Well, I love everything at night. Their buildings look different with the lightings. Century Square also has amazing lights. At that time, there were more people shopping at night.

I think that was all that I could remember. I find this blog unhelpful with missing out a lot of details. I’m putting pictures to the missing words instead. I guess at that time, I wasn’t really planning to create a travel blog. Lesson learned, always blog travels the soonest!

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