Going to Macau via Hongkong Int’l Airport

It was an unplanned trip. We were actually planning to spend 4days and 3nights in HK but sadly there were no available hotels or even hostels online so we opted to explore Macau instead.

Cebu-Hongkong is about 3 hours. I took the Airphil Express while my brothers were in Cathay Pacific which meant I was bound to wait for them for 6 hours at the HKIA so while waiting I managed to plan our itinerary going to Macau.


  • Before getting off the plane take note of the luggage counter number but if you’re planning to go to directly to Macau via the HKIA-Macau SkyPier they’ll just take your luggage number and automatically transfer your luggage so you’ll have to get it at Macau ferry Terminal
  • Follow the signs to Ferry Terminal. HKIA Airports cater ferries to other parts of China also like Shenzhen and Guangzhou here’s the compelete list
  • There’s a direct ferry from HKIA to Macau Ferry Terminal before going out to the immigration. Here’s the schedule for Turbojet ticket is 233HKD

    Adaptors for HK/Macau

  • for Lunch there’s Cafe de Coral on the left side facing Ferry Ticket booth and a lot more to the opposite side of the ticket booths.
  • grab some Maps and MTR maps near the immigration counters especially if you’re planning to go back to Hongkong
  • Don’t forget to bring adaptors so you can actually use and charge your laptops at the airport while waiting for boarding. There are charging stations in front of the Ferry ticket booth
  • You will be called for boarding and you need to descend to go to the train for the sky pier. Be at the right side of the Ferry Ticket Booth 15minutes before boarding


  • The immigration slip distributed at the plane by the Attendants are for Hong Kong immigration so don’t forget to ask for an immigration slip a t the ferry for Macau Immigration. There are actually tables near the Macau Immigration with those slips so don’t forget to have one before lining for immigration
  • Luggage are distributed manually going to the right after the Immigration.
  • Maps are found at the Information Center
  • Free Ferry Shuttles are found outside as well as Buses outside the Terminal just look for the nearest hotel of your destination.
for more tips about Macau browse through my previous posts with a sample itinerary

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