Bucket list: meet my drunken self.

I wish i could talk to my 15-year old self and tell her not to grow up so fast.

I’ve changed a lot this year than what I’ve had in the past 10 years.

Intricately, it has been a downward spiral change wherein I couldn’t even recognize myself at times. I had too much dose fun and less thought on responsibility. I have been too responsible all my life, my free-spirited ego tricked me to try it. It landed into one hell of a disaster but a beautiful disaster if that even brings some justice to it.

I’ve grown stronger and wilder. The latter is quite an exaggeration but is quite ample for my deeds of mischief. Maybe, all i wanted was to fulfill things i never thought I could do. Be somebody I’ve always wondered who.

To cut the drama short, I have finally fulfilled one of my seemingly naive bucket list. Finally, after 25 years, I have intoxicated myself with tequila further than the limit. I passed out, danced my heart out, promised my guy bestfriend that i’ll break-up with my boyfriends (yeah, if he remembered it right, i actually said it in plural form) and promised not to ever again have one IF he’ll break up with his girlfriend (which is non-existent), quarreled my present-past pseudo-bf (i actually think after that we decided to be just friends, I THINK) and just had everything around me pass by like a breeze. I’m done with nanny-ing booze-filled drunk pals. It was my time to be irresponsible. But thank God i had friends who did the same things that I’ve been doing over and over again.

I couldn’t remember half of it but at least they’ve finally met the drunk-to-the-core me. I hope pseudo-bf would forgive my drunken words. We’re friends now. I guess I must have done something that I can’t do sober.

The 24th of february. It is my own version of charter change. From now on, I must get back on track and be a little careful but more responsible.


Next on my bucket list, face my fear of SNAKES. Ohhh no.


—The weak customer chooses the understandable rack.—


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