Jailbreaking ipod touch 3g! fixed white cydia logo too

For steps how to jailbreak ipod touch 3g on redsnow: (these are quick steps google and search on youtube for actual videos)


here are the links:

redsnow 0.9.6rc16 –>untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3, 4.3.3 etc

for the IPSW you can choose from here (you can check your model in settings, general, about, version)


STEP 2: Open Redsnow

STEP 3: Click Browse and choose your IPSW

STEP4: follow the instructions to turn your iphone to DFU mode

STEP 5: The jailbreaking process in your iphone/ipod

cydia white logo


After my ipod touch rebooted, my cydia logo was white and wasn’t able to load. I rebooted and tried to jailbreak it again with redsnow but nothing worked until I tried to do this:



It worked for me, hope it’ll work for you! happy jail breaking!





Clean up: remove multiple contacts from iphone

My tunes was synced with my brother’s contacts. I got 900 contacts from my usual 290 contacts. Imagine how dreadful it would be if i delete each contact manually! I googled for solutions but everything is just too complicated. I was given options like syncing it to google or yahoo and even outloook. I did but it didn’t work. I patiently googled again ’til finally one post mentioned about CLEAN UP. It did perfectly the job! I was able to delete multiple and duplicate contacts! Hoooraay!! Try it!