Congratulations! You made me post something about you!

I yield to this madness that challenged my faith in being alone. I have gone a long long way without any strings or any escape and I’ve withheld any involvement in anything catastrophically temporary and distracted myself by focusing into something less emotional. Yet, as I look back replaying those conversations we had in my head, I realized that if that question ever pops up again I would ultimately shout… ALL IN! Yes, terribly sorry to be too late enough to realize you are still that ALL and EVERYTHING. I take back everything I used to say… I don’t want to be alone. I can survive being alone, but I don’t want to anymore. I want to be with you.

I get tongue-tied and clumsily stupid every single time I get the chance to say everything that I ought to say. I wish so hard every time I screw up the chances that you would perhaps do your thing with the mind-reading skill you ought to do when I want you to figure out something. It was after all an advantage for me. I get to spare myself from saying things I really couldn’t say. Too bad all we’re good at now is arguing about something that has already been figured out.

Oh your clever sarcasm rings trouble but what beguiles me the most is how you make an argument so persuasive. You always get what you want indeed. The good news is, I do too. More good news, we can always argue about it again. I’ll never get tired of that. I’ll never get tired off loving that part of you and I’ve always wanted to say that.

Now you earned a spot along side my well-appreciated travel blog because you made me smile by just looking back.