Sumilon with siblings 2014


What started as a spontaneous trip to Macau in 2011 with my siblings became a pact that we SHOULD travel together every year.. After Macau we had an adventure trip in Palawan. This trip is an overdue 2013 trip. My schedule in medschool is just too crazy that I missed out Thailand and Singapore. Sadly, I can’t get anyhwere farther than here.



How to get there?

  • Private Car/Van
  • Bus from South Terminal (to Oslob)
  • V-hire

It’s roughly about 3 hours from the City. You’ll find signs when you get to Oslob. It is about less than 5 minutes from the Whaleshark watching area.

How much will it cost?

I suggest inquiring about the Indulgence membership. It’s one year membership for 6,500php and you get to have an overnight stay in Sumilon, Bluewaters Maribago or Bluewaters Panglao plus a year of discounts (including 50% off from their buffet dinner in Bluewater Maribago) and free us of their amenities in Bluewater Maribago. Checking in on a peak season though has a 2,000php additional charge.

Indulgence Membership: (032) 4940610 look for Evelyn or Mel

Our Siblings bonding

This was not our first time here. We were here way back 2008. We had half of the place to ourselves since there were 14 of us and they got 11 available rooms. You can assure a quality R & R here away from the hustle and bustle of City living and they prioritize your privacy too.

My mom gave me an Indulgence membership from Bluewaters Maribago on my last birthday. One of its perks is having to get discounts from their other Resorts or a free overnight stay. It’s peak season and they didn’t have any available rooms and since this siblings-bonding-trip has been way overdue we pushed through with the day use.  I got 33%off for Sumilon’s day tour which usually costs about 1,500php on weekdays. It includes a boat trip from mainland, free use of their amenities and a buffet lunch.


As expected, one day was not enough to really enjoy the island but we tried our best to make use of what little time we had. We had a short dip amidst the strong waves at their beach before lunch and had a trekking trip after lunch, The guide told us that it might take about 45 minutes if we follow the trail but it took us forever because we just found a spot perfect for us. This was the fun part and though we failed to have a dip at their infinity pool or kayak at their lagoon, we spent half of our time of our Sumilon escape in a rest area overlooking the lagoon and the beach and thanks to Smirnoff, we all had our share of confessions and insights that loosened up. The view was just breathtaking then! 3-hour drive to sumilon plus the 20minute boat ride was all worth it…


Going to Macau via Hongkong Int’l Airport

It was an unplanned trip. We were actually planning to spend 4days and 3nights in HK but sadly there were no available hotels or even hostels online so we opted to explore Macau instead.

Cebu-Hongkong is about 3 hours. I took the Airphil Express while my brothers were in Cathay Pacific which meant I was bound to wait for them for 6 hours at the HKIA so while waiting I managed to plan our itinerary going to Macau.


  • Before getting off the plane take note of the luggage counter number but if you’re planning to go to directly to Macau via the HKIA-Macau SkyPier they’ll just take your luggage number and automatically transfer your luggage so you’ll have to get it at Macau ferry Terminal
  • Follow the signs to Ferry Terminal. HKIA Airports cater ferries to other parts of China also like Shenzhen and Guangzhou here’s the compelete list
  • There’s a direct ferry from HKIA to Macau Ferry Terminal before going out to the immigration. Here’s the schedule for Turbojet ticket is 233HKD

    Adaptors for HK/Macau

  • for Lunch there’s Cafe de Coral on the left side facing Ferry Ticket booth and a lot more to the opposite side of the ticket booths.
  • grab some Maps and MTR maps near the immigration counters especially if you’re planning to go back to Hongkong
  • Don’t forget to bring adaptors so you can actually use and charge your laptops at the airport while waiting for boarding. There are charging stations in front of the Ferry ticket booth
  • You will be called for boarding and you need to descend to go to the train for the sky pier. Be at the right side of the Ferry Ticket Booth 15minutes before boarding


  • The immigration slip distributed at the plane by the Attendants are for Hong Kong immigration so don’t forget to ask for an immigration slip a t the ferry for Macau Immigration. There are actually tables near the Macau Immigration with those slips so don’t forget to have one before lining for immigration
  • Luggage are distributed manually going to the right after the Immigration.
  • Maps are found at the Information Center
  • Free Ferry Shuttles are found outside as well as Buses outside the Terminal just look for the nearest hotel of your destination.
for more tips about Macau browse through my previous posts with a sample itinerary

SHENZHEN: Splendid China

splendid china

SPLENDID CHINA is a replica of China’s famous historical spots and customs. It is similar to Window of the World  but focuses more on China. Splendid China not only showcases China’s historical architecture and scenic spots but it also showcases China’s custom in their Folk Village.

I find it amazing having the whole of China at my gaze. Splendid China showed me China in just 2 hours. A day in Splendid China would have been better. From buildings to 1:1 replicas of houses and the 1:15 replica of great wall, it was china within our reach indeed!


By Subway:

From Hongkong take MTR line to Lo Wu Border (Jordan-Lo Wu)
Take Shenzhen Subway Line 1 and get off at “Huaqiaocheng” (Overseas Chinese Town) station. Get out of Exit D to reach there.

By Taxi:
If you take a cab from the railway station, the fare is CNY45 or so.
If you take a cab from the airport, the fare is CNY80 or so.

Splendid China:

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SHENZHEN: Window of the World


Window of the World in Shenzhen is a replica park of famous sites in the world. The Eiffel tower which is a 1:3 ratio of original one in Paris is the most visible reproduction. Aside from the Eiffel tower, WOW also showcases The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps of Rome, Lazio of Italy, A typical landscape of Holland, with windmills and tulips, Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza, Egypt, The Lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt and a lot more.

They got different relicas for each region with a ratio of 1:3, 1:5,1:15. My favorite replicas were the windmills and the pyramids. They also have a replica of Angel Falls and The Alps which also has a skiing adventure at an additional cost.

WOW-my 2008 visit

Admission Fee: CNY 140

Opening hours: 9AM-7:30PM


*From Hongkong By Subway::

Take the subway line to Lo Wu Border. Cross the Border (needs China VISA)  Then Take Shenzhen Metro Line 1 and get off at Shijiezhichuang (Window of the World) station  

an easier map MTR planner from Jordan (we were staying at BP International Hotel)

Train Jordan to Lo Wu

-52 minutes

-interchange at Prince Edward (Tiu Keng Leng)

-interchange at Kowloon Tong (Lo Wu)

*Within Shenzhen-By Public Bus:

From the railway station, take sightseeing bus 1 or bus no.101
From the airport, take bus 327 to Window of the World directly.

What to expect:


List of Replicas

Travel TIPS:

  • Entering Shenzhen needs a VISA secure a VISA in Hongkong or your country before going. Some Travel Agency also offers group VISAs for 100HKD.
  • To save time in Window of the World, You can actually ride the trolley which costs around 30CNY, there are also bikes for rent.
  • Always bring an umbrella and some water.
  • Check travelguidechina-shenzhen for tips and questions.
  • Always carry a map and take not of the Chinese translation of the MTR stations, Window of The World or other landmarks in case you get lost and you need to take the taxi.

a day in MACAU

everything in Macau

Macau in one day!

Finally visited MACAU! One day seemed too short for a city too awesome!

And take note, MACAU doesn’t need a Visa so no hassle at all!


By plane

By Ferry from Kowloon or Hongkong Island

Kowloon-China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui. We were staying at BP International Hotel so we just walked to the terminal. You can actually choose from First ferry, Cotai Jet or TurboJet. Fares would range from 138-275 HK$. We took the First Ferry. When we got to a terminal, someone offered us 270 HK$ for a round trip ticket with First Ferry and the ticket allows night sailing too.


this is our itineray, there were slight changes though

going to Macau

Macau to Hongkong (Avenue of Stars)


Free Shuttle Buses

Hop on free shuttle buses found outside the 2 ferry Terminals, Macau Ferry Terminal and Taipa Ferry Terminal.


Bus fare is MOP3.2 for all routes within the city and MOP4.2 to Taipa and Coloane Island. Prepare MOP coins if you’re planning to take the bus

Tips on getting around 


Shops at the Canal

Venetian Hotel Macau

How to get there: free shuttle service from Taipa or Macau Ferry Terminals and there are free shuttle services going to the Ferry Terminals too

Time to Spend: An hour for pictures and tour would be fine but if you want to try the Gondola, it takes a bit longer.

Food: They have their own food court. A perfect lunch for 55 HK$!


Register at their Casino and you can have 100HK$ for free

Gondola rides at 108 HK$ and their Gondoliers really sing like angels!

SHOPPING. If you have enough money, perfect!

They also have an awesome lobby!

They also have theatre shows, Zaia and Cirque de Soleil

—I added this place to my bucket list… even for a one night stay at this place! 2 hours we spent there was too short! This place was totally awesome, I haven’t been to venice but with their Gondola ride, I feel I’m halfway there!

City of Dreams

inside the City of Dreams

How to get there: shuttle bus from Macau or Taipa Ferry Terminal, Shuttle bus from Venetian Hotel or Taxi if you’re within Taipa.

Time to spend: an hour or two. check the schedule for the bubble shows and dancing water

Hotels: Hard Rock, Hyatt and Crown Twer

Shows: Bubble Show or Dancing water only for 32 HK$!!


Register at their Casino with your Bubble Show or Dancing Water ticket!

Check the show schedules first before coming here to save time

Visit Hard Rock!

–I love its interiors, so modern, so unique amd they have a huge digital aquarium at the lobby. Like Venetian, Shops are also everywhere from Gucci to Armani, they are simply tempting!

–BUBBLE SHOW was really nice! it was like a huge aquarium. We didn’t get to see the dancing water but I saw trailers of it from our boat ride and it looks unique. a must try!

Senado square with bros

Largo De Senado (Senado Square)

How to get there: Shuttle bus of Grand Hotel Lisboa or Metropole then walk to Senado Square


Try their Egg tarts! They are so delicious! Look for Margaret Cafe..

You can have cheap shopping to at their little alleys but Hong Kong shopping is way way cheaper

Visit also St. Domingo’s Church and the Cathedral

St. Paul ruins

St. Paul Ruins, Macau Museum, Camoes garden and Monte Fortress

How to get there: Walk from Senado Square, they got signs going to St. Paul Ruins. Macau Museum and Monte Fortress are also near.


Uphill is the Macau Museum

This place is perfect for a photoshoot!

Fisherman’s wharf

How to get there: Walking distance from Macau Ferry Terminal


I haven’t been here so just refer to this Fisherman’s Wharf.

For Other Macau Tips also check:

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MACAU: i love free shuttle services!

One of the best experience I had with Macau is getting to the right places at the shortest time with their free hotel shuttle services! As long as you know where the Ferry Terminals are, everything is just a piece of cake! A day or two and you’ll get to have a full view of this amazing city.


Once you get into Macau always, ALWAYS grab a MAP. Check if it’s the English one. By Ferry, you’ll reach Macau through 2 ferry terminals. One is Taipa Terminal which is near Venetian Hotel and City of Dreams and the other one is the Macau Ferry Terminal.

from the wires


Free Shuttle buses are found just right out side. From the terminal turn left and look for the BUSES. We found Venetian Macau’s Bus across so we have to cross through their subway. Fisherman’s wharf is also just a walking distance from the Macau Ferry Terminal. You can always have it first on your itinerary. To get to Sands Hotel which is also around 5-10 minutes away from the ferry, take the shuttle for Sands Hotel then you can always take a shuttle back to Macau Ferry Terminal to go to other hotels.

from the wires


Taipa Ferry Terminal is in Taipa, Macau which is also near the airport. It is quite smaller than the Macau Ferry Terminal. The shuttle buses are just right across the terminal. Venetian Hotel, Cotai Strip and City of dreams are aroud 10-15 minutes from this Terminal. From the Hotels you can also enjoy their free shuttle rides to Taipa Ferry Terminal or to the Macau Ferry Terminal.


  • Always have an itinerary to save time. If you reach Macau through Taipa Ferry Terminal it is best to tour around the nearest hotels first like Venetian and City of Dreams. Check online for the schedules of the theatre shows for Venetian and City of Dreams.
  • Always have a printout for the hotel names with their chinese translation to be easier to guide the taxi drivers in case you get lost or you can’t find the shuttle buses. Maps are also very helpful.
  • Shuttle buses are usually found at the same entrance as where you are dropped.
  • Before getting in the shuttle buses, always check if you’re on the right bus. They usually have LED signs in front with their destinations.

Free shuttle of Venetian Macau

SHANGHAI: strolling Nanjing Road all by myself

shopping, WALKING and WALKING, contemplating in Nanjing Road

This blog is probably two years late, but whatever Nanjing Road gave me is still worthy to be told. Our hotel (which by the way I totally forgot the name–i think it’s ramada plaza or radisson) is at the east end of Nanjing Road. It’s just a walking distance to the trolley’s loading/unloading area and it’s one block away from People’s Square.

i forgot the name of our hotel. SAREEEE

We came home late from Xin Tian Di the first day so I started walking around Nanjing early the next day. I was too excited to even notice it was 16-18° C cold. I got curious with Nanjing Road’s distance that I took the trolley first. I thought it was for free but they asked 2 CNY from us so I just kept the ignorance to myself. The sign was in english and I can’t believe I failed to notice!

all by myself ^____^

The Pedestrian street is about 3.7 KM. I enjoyed my trolley ride and hesitated to walk back. I found Mango and Zara right after I got off the trolley and felt that I was in heaven! On my hike back to the east side, I came across several branded stores and not so branded stores. I think the West Side got the more expensive ones than the East side. After passing Century Square, there were already a lot of Shops or Malls. They seem to be connected with each other. I was only amazed with their Watsons which really got cheaper beauty products, bags, scrubs than the Watsons here in cebu. Reaching the East side, just behind our hotel was an array of food stalls. I tried their street food and realized that was all I got for lunch. I bought enough strawberries and “kiamoy” to last me a day. The food was cheap but the Coke from McDo tastes different.

Nanjing Road looks better at night. Well, I love everything at night. Their buildings look different with the lightings. Century Square also has amazing lights. At that time, there were more people shopping at night.

I think that was all that I could remember. I find this blog unhelpful with missing out a lot of details. I’m putting pictures to the missing words instead. I guess at that time, I wasn’t really planning to create a travel blog. Lesson learned, always blog travels the soonest!

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BORACAY: getting there via ilo-ilo

October 16, 2010

Php 899 Promo Fare for Cebu-Ilo-ilo from Cebu Pacific was perfect! We couldn’t find a Caticlan flight so we opted for the closest. I’ve never been to Ilo-ilo so it was also a good thing.
We were 30 minutes earlier than ETA. By 8:30 we were already in ilo-ilo. The airport was amazing. It was clean and organized. We heard there were also passengers on their way to Bacolod for the Maskara festival. We were wondering for a while what if we take a side trip to Bacolod for the festival since we have 6 days, but I guess I’m more of a beach bum then a festival party-goer so I strongly suggested to stick to the plan. BORACAY!
Across the airport’s exit is the terminal for the V-hire. We took a V-hire to Jaro for 50php and had our breakfast in Jollibee. A walking distance from Jollibee Ilo-ilo we waited for Jaro Liko Tagbak jeepney route (take note Tagbak and not NFA) which would take us to the terminal where we can ride the V-Hire to Caticlan. We searched the departure area for the Vhire terminal for Caticlan. Ilo-ilo to Caticlan is 300php. After about 30minutes, we started our 4hour trip to Caticlan. It was 12noon when we left Ilo-ilo. We got to Kalibu around 2:30pm and since we were the only passenger, we were asked to move to a smaller van going to Caticlan. By 4pm, We were already in Caticlan. It was nostalgic. My Second time in Caticlan!

I love the cleanliness of Caticlan’s port what I don’t like is the fact that their Terminal fee of 50php and Environmental fee of 75php is much more expensive than the fare going to Boracay for 25php. I was not convinced that it was ample for its use. I was on the same port 5 months ago but there was not much difference. I guess I better wish more luck next time I’m back.

The trip from Caticlan to Boracay is only about 15-20 minutes. One of the shortest boat ride I’ve tried. Going to our hotel, we took the multicab since the tricycle can only drop us at the gate. The road to Alta Vista was kinda steep. The multicab cost us 450php but if we opted for the tricycle, we would have paid 50-60php. Boracay Port to D Talipapa or D mall is around 40-50php.
Alta Vista was just perfect. I wanted a vacation hotel and indeed I GOT A VACATION HOTEL! Looking at the infinity pool was like looking forward for a worthwhile 5days stay. Ther was also a golf course in view, mountain view (all green and i love it!) and a view of the sea. We got the Loft accomodation which was perfect for all 7 of us. Alta Vista is 15minutes away from the white beach but a shuttle every hour is available going to D’ mall so the distance was fine.
All in all it almost took one whole day to reach this paradise but with friends and family, the ride was all worth it.