Sumilon with siblings 2014


What started as a spontaneous trip to Macau in 2011 with my siblings became a pact that we SHOULD travel together every year.. After Macau we had an adventure trip in Palawan. This trip is an overdue 2013 trip. My schedule in medschool is just too crazy that I missed out Thailand and Singapore. Sadly, I can’t get anyhwere farther than here.



How to get there?

  • Private Car/Van
  • Bus from South Terminal (to Oslob)
  • V-hire

It’s roughly about 3 hours from the City. You’ll find signs when you get to Oslob. It is about less than 5 minutes from the Whaleshark watching area.

How much will it cost?

I suggest inquiring about the Indulgence membership. It’s one year membership for 6,500php and you get to have an overnight stay in Sumilon, Bluewaters Maribago or Bluewaters Panglao plus a year of discounts (including 50% off from their buffet dinner in Bluewater Maribago) and free us of their amenities in Bluewater Maribago. Checking in on a peak season though has a 2,000php additional charge.

Indulgence Membership: (032) 4940610 look for Evelyn or Mel

Our Siblings bonding

This was not our first time here. We were here way back 2008. We had half of the place to ourselves since there were 14 of us and they got 11 available rooms. You can assure a quality R & R here away from the hustle and bustle of City living and they prioritize your privacy too.

My mom gave me an Indulgence membership from Bluewaters Maribago on my last birthday. One of its perks is having to get discounts from their other Resorts or a free overnight stay. It’s peak season and they didn’t have any available rooms and since this siblings-bonding-trip has been way overdue we pushed through with the day use.  I got 33%off for Sumilon’s day tour which usually costs about 1,500php on weekdays. It includes a boat trip from mainland, free use of their amenities and a buffet lunch.


As expected, one day was not enough to really enjoy the island but we tried our best to make use of what little time we had. We had a short dip amidst the strong waves at their beach before lunch and had a trekking trip after lunch, The guide told us that it might take about 45 minutes if we follow the trail but it took us forever because we just found a spot perfect for us. This was the fun part and though we failed to have a dip at their infinity pool or kayak at their lagoon, we spent half of our time of our Sumilon escape in a rest area overlooking the lagoon and the beach and thanks to Smirnoff, we all had our share of confessions and insights that loosened up. The view was just breathtaking then! 3-hour drive to sumilon plus the 20minute boat ride was all worth it…