Hello from the other side

Today is a busy day so I decided to take a break and probably browse through old blogs to give me an idea for my new blog. I got stuck reading this particular blog and I can’t help but laugh at my old self. The thing is, I don’t want to kill my old self (unlike Tay-tay) because whatever that was brought me to who I am now. I am luckily a forgetful person. Funny how these blogs remind me of the things that I don’t want to be remembered.. Now back to work! But if you have time, check my new blog.

I don’t know how this blog still got a lot of traffic but happy to know people are reading it. FYI these were written at a time where life was totally a mess. HAHA. Thanks for tuning in.


I am back. 

I have been away for more than a year. But I will be back soon with more travel posts.  So let me share my first come-back photo, cherry blossoms from the most romantic place in the world, Paris!


Sumilon with siblings 2014


What started as a spontaneous trip to Macau in 2011 with my siblings became a pact that we SHOULD travel together every year.. After Macau we had an adventure trip in Palawan. This trip is an overdue 2013 trip. My schedule in medschool is just too crazy that I missed out Thailand and Singapore. Sadly, I can’t get anyhwere farther than here.



How to get there?

  • Private Car/Van
  • Bus from South Terminal (to Oslob)
  • V-hire

It’s roughly about 3 hours from the City. You’ll find signs when you get to Oslob. It is about less than 5 minutes from the Whaleshark watching area.

How much will it cost?

I suggest inquiring about the Indulgence membership. It’s one year membership for 6,500php and you get to have an overnight stay in Sumilon, Bluewaters Maribago or Bluewaters Panglao plus a year of discounts (including 50% off from their buffet dinner in Bluewater Maribago) and free us of their amenities in Bluewater Maribago. Checking in on a peak season though has a 2,000php additional charge.

Indulgence Membership: (032) 4940610 look for Evelyn or Mel


Our Siblings bonding

This was not our first time here. We were here way back 2008. We had half of the place to ourselves since there were 14 of us and they got 11 available rooms. You can assure a quality R & R here away from the hustle and bustle of City living and they prioritize your privacy too.

My mom gave me an Indulgence membership from Bluewaters Maribago on my last birthday. One of its perks is having to get discounts from their other Resorts or a free overnight stay. It’s peak season and they didn’t have any available rooms and since this siblings-bonding-trip has been way overdue we pushed through with the day use.  I got 33%off for Sumilon’s day tour which usually costs about 1,500php on weekdays. It includes a boat trip from mainland, free use of their amenities and a buffet lunch.


As expected, one day was not enough to really enjoy the island but we tried our best to make use of what little time we had. We had a short dip amidst the strong waves at their beach before lunch and had a trekking trip after lunch, The guide told us that it might take about 45 minutes if we follow the trail but it took us forever because we just found a spot perfect for us. This was the fun part and though we failed to have a dip at their infinity pool or kayak at their lagoon, we spent half of our time of our Sumilon escape in a rest area overlooking the lagoon and the beach and thanks to Smirnoff, we all had our share of confessions and insights that loosened up. The view was just breathtaking then! 3-hour drive to sumilon plus the 20minute boat ride was all worth it…

The truth about love

The truth about love.

It gets harder to decipher every time you’re snapped and caught on its trap. Love is the cunning spider!

Love is schemingly wise and terribly hostile to everyone without even anyone noticing it. It is like the spider who knows what to say and how to say the words our ears are so eager to hear. Then one by one like the innocent fly we get to be invited and lured into his parlor but we can never return again.

I wanted to be the wiser fly. I’ve always been the wiser fly. Yet wisdom never saved me from getting lured into its parlor. Love promised me bliss and infinite faith on romance. Who could say no to that? Love began to lure me by saying those words I’ve never heard but my heart yearned to hear. He told me I am beautiful beyond comparison, I have eyes that sparkle when smitten with hope, promises of love and I have wings that flutter music like a lullaby and symphony beyond what men can create. I was told I deserve to be in his parlor with everything in it that sparkles. The parlor is up high in winding stairs to keep anyone not welcome. I am welcome.

In the parlor, he said, there is a huge mirror, a mirror that could actually confirm his words if doubt holds so tightly my heart. I began to imagine and began to believe. He kept talking until his words sounded like music to my ears, a symphony that serenaded my heart and a song that began to fill my life but it got me blinded. I didn’t realize I was flying myself inside with my heart swaying with his song. When I opened my eyes, I was already inside his parlor. He wasn’t there but I was trapped. His parlor was perfect like gold but empty. It sparkles but it was blinding. I knew I was in trouble. My instincts told me I needed to get out. I was trapped inside and helpless with his song is still humming inside my head now trying to hypnotize me. I begged wisdom for help because he was right, Wisdom told me not to believe it. Yet, when I was in there wisdom can’t even do anything at all.

How I got out and saved myself is a mystery but that is the truth about love.

Congratulations! You made me post something about you!

I yield to this madness that challenged my faith in being alone. I have gone a long long way without any strings or any escape and I’ve withheld any involvement in anything catastrophically temporary and distracted myself by focusing into something less emotional. Yet, as I look back replaying those conversations we had in my head, I realized that if that question ever pops up again I would ultimately shout… ALL IN! Yes, terribly sorry to be too late enough to realize you are still that ALL and EVERYTHING. I take back everything I used to say… I don’t want to be alone. I can survive being alone, but I don’t want to anymore. I want to be with you.

I get tongue-tied and clumsily stupid every single time I get the chance to say everything that I ought to say. I wish so hard every time I screw up the chances that you would perhaps do your thing with the mind-reading skill you ought to do when I want you to figure out something. It was after all an advantage for me. I get to spare myself from saying things I really couldn’t say. Too bad all we’re good at now is arguing about something that has already been figured out.

Oh your clever sarcasm rings trouble but what beguiles me the most is how you make an argument so persuasive. You always get what you want indeed. The good news is, I do too. More good news, we can always argue about it again. I’ll never get tired of that. I’ll never get tired off loving that part of you and I’ve always wanted to say that.

Now you earned a spot along side my well-appreciated travel blog because you made me smile by just looking back.

Pandora’s BOX

everything is cool with me.
I don’t settle for all the negativities but I do acknowledge them my life has its own way of coping up and wallowing into whatever isn’t there or whatever i don’t have is just a waste of time.

Recently, I’m slowly having my life back. No distractions, no one telling me what looks good and what doesn’t, nobody there to feed me with negativities about life, school and everyone else. Life is simple. My life is simple. I live mine, you live yours and we’ll live harmoniously.

I don’t have time either to wallow in guilt, looking back on things I did and didn’t. There wasn’t much to be guilty about. I don’t believe in karma and even if karma is on her way to get me, she’ll have to do a better job at it. I dodge bullets. I dodge karma. Speaking of bullets, YES, i’d catch a bullet for you. I did catch a bullet for you. I’d to rewind that part. I seem to confuse myself with that too. Bullets, grenades, karma. Come and get me if you can.

I don’t want to sound bitter nor sound outright. Just wanted to pour some thoughts into this reverie. Perhaps, it’ll help me with the “nothing” i chose from all or nothing. Yes. I deserve all. not less. Regrets, they come and go and sometimes I just ignore them. I did what I have to do. I wasted my time and wasted someone else’s too. I lost a year and a half. I love to get that back.

I figured out something simple today. It’s just too much if I say it here.

So on the more brighter side, It’s almost finals. YEY. not!

And no, I am not currently seeing anyone.